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Every time I go out say to the store or just for a walk I bring my DSLR for those far away shots and my Z10 for those that are close by it makes for a very creative process because as I walk I’m panning my head and all of a sudden I see the shot raise up my DSLR or Z10 focus and fire!

It’s all about me getting out there and enjoying the warm weather and I find capturing those special moments of deep thought very relaxing.

In this case I was at the lights waiting for green when I panned left and the shot came to me visually and I took it as I continued on my little spiritual journey of everyday wonder of what the next will offer.
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When I’m out for a walk with my Canon DSLR I’m not thinking about photography but instead about how much fun I am having and the pleasurable experience.

If I were to ever think that I am doing it to gain an online following it would be a time to stop forever! As it were I keep Rockin it!

This is my leisurely time where I relax my quite time away from all that encompasses daily living.
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It’s a passion I have to bring to everyone a unique photography Channel to BBM Channels. When I first conceived of it all it was all about the website as there was no BBMC but over the years it’s evolved from another website to this one and who knows even the old website might come back as I have been shooting so much lately.

Rest assured it’s here as I now go through my photo archives editing where time will allow you will see it really coming to life.

Thanks for your continued support David - WatchStops
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